Jesse Butcher

JesseJesse Butcher grew up in a wonderful Christian home with great GODLY parents. On September 7th, 1988 after a Wednesday night service where the pastor preached on hell Jesse was riding home with his dad and asked him if he were to die would he go to hell. Once at home his dad took the precious Word of GOD and led that nine year old little boy to the LORD. In 2002 Jesse married his college sweetheart and the two soon started a family. In 2004 they were blessed with a baby boy, Lane, and again in 2007 GOD saw fit to give them another precious son, Dylan. In December of that same year Jesse’s wife told him after they had arrived at church one Sunday morning that she had never accepted JESUS as her savior. Soon after that statement she knelt down and asked GOD to save her. Shortly after his wife was saved the LORD started dealing with Jesse about being called to preach. Although Jesse wasn’t opposed to the idea of preaching he wanted to make sure GOD was the one doing the calling. For four years Jesse struggled with this calling. On August 28th, 2011 a missionary came to the church that Jesse and his family attend. The missionary preached on “What moves you”. Jesse knew the only thing that moved him was spreading the Gospel. He cried the entire service knowing that he had to surrender. On September 13th, 2011 Jesse surrendered to preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Now Jesse and his family anxiously wait to see what GOD has planned for them. As of now they are active in their local church, they sing to the glory of GOD and Jesse preaches whenever and wherever the LORD leads. Pray for this family that they will always stay in the center of GOD’s perfect will.


One Response to Jesse Butcher

  1. Barry and Madalyn Burnfield says:

    The Burnfield’s LOVE the Butcher’s. My friends are leaving in a day or two.- I can not even explain the loss we feel. We are so honored to have shared precious, far too little time with them. They are truly a Godly, Christ-Centered, Sold out for Jesus family. We miss you already!

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